When was the last time you had the gutters checked?

If like most people, you can't remember, then now might be time to get around to it. On a rainy day, if you notice water overflowing the guttering or running down the side of the property then you have a problem. Your gutters through guiding the rainwater off the roof and down the drain, play a huge role in the structural integrity of your property. Despite their importance, they're easily forgetten about until something goes wrong.

We use the the latest gutter cleaning equipment which allowing us to reach and clear 3 storey guttering safely from the ground. Our tried and tested methods will guarantee peace of mind for many rainstorms to come.

Inspection Service:

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 Advice Given

 May not need a clean

GutterPlus Service:

 Pre-clean video footage

 Clean via Guttervac

 Post-clean video footage

Wellton, an Investor in people, technology and best practice.

An early gutter clean can prevent unwanted damage which can be expensive to put right. Insurance companies recommend having gutters cleaned at least once a year to keep them performing.

Our aim is to achieve good customer satisfaction not only at a competitive price but an affordable one. This we can continue to do simply because at Wellton we keep investing in the most up to date technology and advanced techniques.

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Things to look out for

Warning Signs:

 Sagging gutters

 Weed growth

 Water marks

 Trapped items like tennis balls

Helpful advice:

On a rainy day, if you notice water overflowing the guttering or running down the side of the property then you may have a problem.

If you have any concerns contact us now to see if we can help

More information on the inspection service

If you suspect your guttering is blocked or maybe a roof or chimney leak, it can be difficult to inspect from ground level. With our pole inspection camera we are able to get close to the area of interest, safely from the ground, to view live images at heights of up to 40 ft. We are able to take still photos and even provide you with video recorded footage for you to view at your own convenience.

The pole inspection camera has become popular due to the following benefits:

  •  From a Health and Safety aspect it is very safe as it does not require the use of ladders.
  •  Time and cost effective as it removes the need for costly scaffolding or inspection towers.
  •  Video footage allows to identify current and potential future problems.
  •  Insurance claim purposes, video footage can provide supporting evidence to back up a claim.
  •  Video footage can be very useful when seeking quotes for any necessary remedial work.

Our inspection service is the initial step in the right direction, bringing information to your fingertips to help you make the right decision. For all your roof top concerns, for as little as £25 we guarantee you peace of mind.