Give your Conservatory a new lease of life

Having a conservatory is a beautiful addition to any property, providing the extra space and allowing you to benefit from more natural light. This is why it is important to maintain your conservatory through regular cleaning, not only to retain it’s value but to ensure you continue to enjoy it’s gleaming appearance for years to come.

We offer two tried and tested conservatory cleaning services to prevent the build-up of dirt, green algae and discoloration. Rest assured, at Wellton your conservatory is in expert hands.

Conservatory Scrubwash:

 External Clean

 Entire Structure*

 Fascia Board

 Roof Glass

 Windows & Doors

 Purified Water Wash

Conservatory Eco-wash:

 Includes Scrubwash Features

 Eco-friendly Solution

 Rigorous Six Stage Process

*Entire structure includes conservatory's roof bars, decorative cresting, finials, ridges, frames and sills.

"Our conservatory was in a real state, after the ecowash in 2006 we decided to go for the scrubwash which we have every 6 months. Our conservatory looks great." - Lisa, Solihull

A regular clean of the entire uPVC or aluminium structure with purified water is just the kind of care your conservatory needs. For best results we recommend the conservatory Eco-wash once a year or at least for the initial first clean after which a regular Scrubwash may be sufficient. Please contact us to discuss the options and arrange your conservatory clean.

Our aim is to achieve good customer satisfaction not only at a competitive price but an affordable one. This we can continue to do simply because at Wellton we keep investing in the most up to date technology and advanced techniques.

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